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Business VOIP Phone Vancouver

Business VOIP Phone Vancouver

Communications are one of the pillars of a company's commercial success. Since the 20th century, one of the most significant resources that have helped businesses grow and succeed is the telephone. This communication system allowed negotiations and transactions that took days, to be completed in a few minutes.

Nowadays, advances in technology have allowed the development of new and more effective ways to reach customers and suppliers. One which can bring the biggest benefits to your company is the business VOIP phone. It is essential that you understand the great utility and advantages that this mode of interaction can bring to your company.

What is IP Voice Telephony?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The conventional voice is transformed into data, and after transmitting them through the web, it becomes your original voice, and that is what your receiver listens to. This system completely avoids the use of conventional telephony (fixed and mobile). Perhaps you have already used this type of communication, making a call by Skype, or through Whatsapp.

Now, companies can successfully use a business VOIP phone system for their business development. With an excellent Internet connection, you can boost your business by talking digitally with your customers and suppliers.

The Power Of Savings When Using VOIP In Business

More and more structural and consumption investments are being made for voice and data transmissions to keep a company competitive in business. This is a fast-growing trend worldwide. Cisco affirms that by 2022, the worldwide exchange of voice and data will be close to a zettabyte (1021 bytes), about seven times more than the 2017 average.

In that scenario, maintaining the company's communications system will be a real challenge. Business can easily go bust trying to “stay in touch”. With the intelligent use of VOIP for communications, a company can save up to 90% of expenses on both fixed and mobile phone accounts. If you want more information about the best business VOIP phone in Vancouver developments contact us; the Streem Link Communications team will be happy to advise you.

Which Strategies Can You Develop Using Corporate VOIP?

Using VOIP and a virtual switchboard, you will be able to organize the calls better and ration the use of the conventional telephone. These are some of the practical applications you can develop:

  • Customer service
  • Videoconferences and video calls
  • Commercial calls
  • International business development

Which Other Advantages Does VOIP Have For Your Business?

  • Elimination of charges for calls between employees of the same company, even if they are in different offices
  • Lower cost per call
  • Provide unlimited calls for a fixed monthly rate
  • Portability
  • Integration with other corporate applications
  • Improved productivity and response time

Are You Ready to Boost Your Business?

If you want to count on the wonders your company will have with the best business VOIP phone in Vancouver, we are your ideal choice. Streem Live Communications is the leading provider of integrated communications solutions in the region. Allow our specialists to design for you a tailored solution that meets your corporate needs and facilitates the achievement of your objectives. Your moment to shine is now, and we are here to make it possible. Contact us.

Business VOIP Phone Vancouver
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