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Data And Voice Cabling Vancouver

Data And Voice Cabling Vancouver

Communication systems are essential to your business. You need to have a reliable and up-to-date system so you can communicate with customers and vendors and with your computer network. To maintain a reliable system, you need an efficient backbone that includes data and voice cabling in Vancouver. With the necessary wiring in place, you can implement technology to enhance your business.

Why Do I Need to Install Data and Voice Cabling in Vancouver?

Regardless of the type of business phone system you choose, you will need to have dependable data and voice cabling in Vancouver. Outdated and old wiring won’t transmit your communications at the proper speed. When you are rehabbing an office space or moving into a new area, you will need to run cabling to every office and cubicle where you want to place a phone or data device. It is often less expensive to update the entire cabling system than to try to salvage bits and pieces of the old cabling that is already in place. Also, you don’t know the integrity of the old wiring, so it may be unreliable.

Traditional Cabling Systems

There are a variety of choices for conventional cabling systems. Category 5, 5e, 6, and 6e cabling are flexible options that will allow you to run every type of communication. In addition to data and voice cabling in Vancouver, you will need to consider additional installation needs. For example, you may need cabling for your security system, point-of-sale terminals, paging system, CATV, AV, and clock systems, among others. An experienced cabling professional will evaluate your needs and survey the premises. We will provide you with an estimate for services that includes both materials and installation.

What Are Some Other Types of Cabling Installations?

Fiber optic is an option that provides more flexibility and is ideal for large campuses and multi-building installation. We can provide fiber across the campus or to each desktop. In addition to fiber optic, you may need to consider outside plant cabling. We offer aerial, buried, and underground cabling that includes directional boring, trenching and plowing when necessary. We will provide data and voice cabling in Vancouver to connect your entire campus. We use the latest techniques and professional equipment to install cabling throughout your property.

Professional Cabling Installation from Streem Link Communications

Whether you are planning a new telephone and data installation or want to update your current cabling plant, Streem Link Communications can help. We have a team of trained technicians to handle your installation from start to finish. We sell a variety of business communication systems such as Avaya along with additional options such as conference units by Plantronics. We have the experience necessary to install any business phone system, large or small. We have certification in several products and cabling systems to provide you with a high-quality cabling backbone that will last for many years. Contact Streem Link Communications to request a quote for our cabling and system installation services.

Data And Voice Cabling Vancouver
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