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Digium Phone Installation Vancouver

Digium Phone Installation Vancouver

There is little doubt that modern businesses stand to gain a lot from VoIP phone systems. However, installing a VoIP phone system is not a straightforward process. You’d need to decide whether the service would be hosted on your business premises or on the cloud by an independent provider. It is imperative to note that no option is necessarily better than the other. The ideal solution for your business would depend on your needs, budget, and some other factors.

What is the difference between On-Premises and Hosted VoIP?

With an On-Premises VoIP, the communication hardware is installed and managed in a designated server closet in your business premises.  A hosted VOIP, on the other hand, connects to a cloud-based provider via your internet connection. The provider would be in charge of installing and maintaining communications hardware. 

Digium phone solutions are an example of premises-based VoIP systems that gives you perfect control over your hardware and communications cost. If you need Digium phone installation in Vancouver, Streem Link Communications is always at your service.

What are the advantages of On-Premise VoIP?

Ownership and control

There’s a peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in complete charge of your communications system. This may be particularly important for businesses that are used to traditional phone systems. The full control further empowers you to design a system that would perfectly suit your needs. This is not possible for a cloud-hosted VoIP system. You simply manage what the provider offers or switch providers.

Lower cost in the long run

Although installing a premise-based VoIP system may be cost intensive at the initial stage, it could be the smart choice if you consider long-run costs. The capital needed to set up the system would be offset in a short time and you’ll start reaping the rewards. Cloud-hosted VoIP systems could also suffer from fluctuating costs. Your provider may decide to increase the cost of their services and there wouldn’t be much you can do about it.

Lower cost for the added features

Cloud-based VoIP providers have additional charges for extra features such as multiple attendants, call queues, etc. With a premise-based system, all the features you need are pre-installed on the VOIP software.

Signaling over your own Local Area Network    

When you are using a premise-based VoIP system, signaling and call transfer happen over your own local connection. With a cloud-based host, the signaling takes place many miles away and this could cause a certain latency. More so, you would need a very strong internet connection to obtain a clear feed.

Even with the numerous advantages, premises-based systems are not a good fit for all businesses. Without an in-house IT department, you might find it difficult to maintain such a system. If you decide to opt for a premises-based system, Digium phones are arguably one of the best around. You can contact us at Streem Link Communications for your Digium phone installation in Vancouver.

Digium Phone Installation Vancouver
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