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Avaya PARTNER® Advanced Communications System

Partner Advance

Reliability, simplicity, a large selection of advanced telephony features, and converged communications through fractional T1 make the PARTNER® Advanced Communications System ideal for small growing businesses. This system is designed to help meet the complex business needs facing small enterprises today-with room for growth to meet future needs.

PARTNER Advanced Communications System (ACS) offers enhanced communication features and applications, while being designed for the small to mid-sized businesses.

The PARTNER ACS starts with support for up to five telephone lines and nine telephones; and can expand up to 31 lines and/or 48 extensions. Music-on-Hold, Loudspeaker Paging, Contact Closures, SMDR (for Call Accounting interface) and a dedicated Administration port are just some of the standard connections on this system.

Available for more than 16 years, over one million PARTNER systems have been sold worldwide.

What’s New With This Release

The totally redesigned PARTNER ACS Release 7 processor delivers enhanced system functionality, growth and system processing speed that will set the stage for future enhancements and additional applications. All existing expansion modules and sets from older PARTNER ACS system can be used or reused in conjunction with the new 509 processor. This exciting change means cost savings for customers who require more than 3 CO lines and even more flexibility in growth.

Business BenefitsPartner Adance 1

 Many included applications to simplify call answering including built-in Caller ID support and standard connections for answering machines, cordless sets, credit card readers and fax machines.
 Improved Customer Service: through enabling businesses to respond quickly and with quality to customers 24 x 7 x 365.
 Mobile employees can stay connected to the business with 3910 Wireless Telephones for employees who are away from their desks and Cell Phone Connect for employees who need to be reached while off premises.
 Standard Fax Management notifies users when the fax machine is busy, in use or in trouble so that it can be immediately repaired.

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