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Call Center

Call CenerThe AvayaCallCenter is the foundation for a total customer service solution. CallCenter is built upon proven and innovative automatic call distribution (ACD) technology. It offers a suite of call routing solutions designed to help agents handle calls more effectively and boost the overall level of the call center’s productivity.

CallCenter supports both public and private SIP networking , as well as SIP agent telephones.  Avaya CallCenter enables an end-to-end SIP architecture, bringing together gateways, self service, multi-site centers, and CTI applications, all at the service of the customer.

What’s New With This Release

CallCenter 5.0 builds upon traditional call center capabilities, adding support for new technologies that lower costs and move customers further along the path to Intelligent Communications. With Call Center 5.0, Avaya offers SIP end-to-end, enabling reduced network service costs, service delivery costs, and even lower endpoint costs with a new value-priced SIP agent telephone.  CallCenter 5.0 combined with  the Avaya Voice Portal, G860 Media Gateway, InteractionCenter, and the new SIP Agent telephone deliver more affordable call center solutions.

The following enhancements are available when Call Center 5.0 is ordered on Communication Manager/SIP Enablement Services 5.0:

 SIP for Agents
 SIP endpoint monitor and control via CTICall Center
 SIP from Service Providers for multi-site call centers
 SIP in the Enterprise for multi-site call centers
 SIP for Interoperability (G860 and Avaya Voice Portal)
 Support for Avaya IQ call center reporting
 Support for the G450 gateway

Business Benefits

 Delivers more consistent, personalized customer service by matching agent skills with caller needs.
 Provides maximum flexibility in call routing decisions.
 Reduces costs while increasing efficiency and effectiveness by supporting agent specialization and consolidation.
 Supports branch office and distributed enterprise model for contact centers.
 Provides routing capabilities across locations to enhance survivability options.

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