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Leasing & Financing

We recognize that each customer has its own special circumstances, characteristics, and financial requirements.
We provide leasing programs specifically designed to meet our customers™ needs. We have an array of flexible leasing and financing services which can include the use of one or more of our many offerings:

 Lease Terms 12 through 84 months, dependent upon equipment type
 Purchase Options: Fair Market Value, 10% and $1
 Tax Leases / True Leases
 Seasonal Plans
 Step and Skip Payment Plans
 Deferred Payment Programs
 Progress Payment Programs
 Master Leases
 Municipal Leasing

The Benefits of Leasing with Streem Link:

Conservation of Capital

Because there are no longer down payments involved with leasing ( 100% of the equipment cost can be financed), customers can retain capital for other costs of doing business.

Conserves Credit Line

Leasing acts as an additional credit line, leaving existing credit lines available for other expenses.

Convenience and Flexibility

Quick and easy application process, prompt availability of financing, flexible terms and payment plans, upgrades capabilities, and the ability to work with budget restrictions make leasing an attractive financing option.

Fixed Payments

Payments are fixed throughout the duration of the lease. Customers will never have to worry about an increase.

Protection from Equipment Obsolescence

Leasing protects customers against equipment obsolescence and allows them the freedom to upgrade or add equipment as their needs change.


A lease is paid for with “before tax dollars” rather than “after tax profits.”

Tax Advantages

Lease payments can be a 100% tax deductible operating expense. Customers should consult their tax advisor regarding how their company can benefit.

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