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Network Cabling & Data/Voice/VOIP cabling services

Cabling & Installation

Cabling & Installation

Installation of a business system that can include phones, voice mail, software features, and internet access, is an important task whether it’s your central office or a multiple business site project.

Streem Link’s team of technicians will work along side of your company to complete your projects successfully, utilizing our service department that is recognized as one of the best in the industry. Qualifications include Avaya certified ACA, ACS and ACE personnel along with, Tier III Engineers, Enterprise Design Specialists, Enterprise Project Managers, and nationwide dedicated seasoned technicians are trained to the highest standards.

Our portfolio of data / voice / video cabling systems and installation services includes:

 A full range of Professional & Network Assessment services.
 Cat 3, Cat 5E, Cat 6, or Fiber Optic (Multi or Single Modes) cabling for a single site or connecting several buildings.
 Fiber Optic Installation (including splicing and terminations)
 Cat 3, Cat 5E, Cat 6, or Fiber Optic (Multi or Single Modes) cabling for a single site or connecting several buildings.
 Voice and Data Cabling
 Copper Cable Installation (including splicing and terminations)
 Telephone PBX Systems Design and Installation
 Computer Network Cabling and Testing Services
 Installations of horizontal or vertical cable distribution systems between terminal rooms and end-user areas (e.g., cable trays, overhead wireways, baseboard or wall-mounted wireways, cable ducts).
 Facilities construction:
Terminal room construction and preparation.
Installation of terminal equipment, mounting racks, and associated hardware.
Terminal equipment (e.g., computers, hubs, routers, switches).
 Software or hardware required to make use of cabling projects.

Whether it is a multiple site project or a grand opening of a small business, Streem Link Communications has the experience and resources to help you avoid the pit-falls of an improper installation, preventing future complications that could plague a phone system in the years to come.

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