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Streem Link Maintenance Options
Unlike many telecommunications providers, Streem Link believes that the support and maintenance of your system is not just something that happens affter an installation. In fact, it begins at the moment we introduce ourselves. For over a decade, Streem Link Communications has been providing cutting edge business communication systems to our clients in Canada.

Not only do we design, install, and provide training for all of our business communication systems, Streem Link also provides the highest level of support in the industry to ensure your investment is properly maintained.

A Maintenance Solution from Streem Link Communications provides a single, convenient point of contact for critical support functions, helping you to avoid situations which could cost your company income, information and even customers. Our goal is to deliver value to businesses through continuous, comprehensive and cost effective coverage that helps ensure maximum system performance, reliability and availability for our customers.

Contact Streem Link at 1-888-873-8879 or contact us to take advantage of this unique service.

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