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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a voice service offered by Comwave that allows compatible phone systems to place calls over an IP connection to Comwave (VoIP). While SIP Trunking is indeed VoIP, it doesn’t generally use public residential internet connections like traditional VoIP home phone services. Inquire about SIP Trunking with a dedicated managed connection from you to Comwave, guaranteeing you even higher quality digital phone service.

 Keep your existing phone number
 Choose phone numbers in over 1000 cities
 Add or remove lines in minutes



Comwave is Canada’s largest SIP Trunking provider, operating the largest redundant national network. While some phone companies offer minimal coverage in Canada, only Comwave operates in every Province and State. Whether you own a small business in Victoria, BC, or a large national chain, only Comwave can provide a single point of contact.

 Custom design and implementation
 Enhanced calling features
 Bandwidth options
 Interoperability and certification

 Phone numbers throughout Canada & USA
 React to business needs immediately by adding new phone lines in minutes
 No need to purchase expensive phone system line cards
 Optimize network infrastructure and bandwidth
 Video Calling capability

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