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Media Gateway G250

Gateway 250The G250 is an enterprise branch office gateway designed to serve the communications needs of a small branch with 2 to 14 extensions. This gateway allows organizations to economically extend their headquarters communications applications, such as Avaya Communication Manager, out to their branch locations to lower overall costs and increase collaboration across the entire organization.


What’s New With This Release

Standard Local Survivability (SLS) enhancements and XoIP Tone Detection Bypass have been added.

Business Benefits

 Headquarters Communications Extended to the Branch: The G250 allows enterprises to extend their enterprise communications applications out to their branch office locations to facilitate productivity and collaboration at the branch offices.

 Communications Continuity: The gateway provides branch office users with a highly resilient system that continues to provide communications capability even if the connection between the branch office and primary headquarters is lost. There are a variety of options available to preserve critical communications continuity at the branch location.

 Converged All-in-One Unit: The G250 integrates telephony, routing, and data switching into one box, reducing the overhead and complexity of managing disparate gateways, routers, and switches.

 Centralized Applications Management: The resources required to manage branch communications are significantly reduced as the gateway extends a single centralized set of communications applications to the branch.

 Remote Deployment and Management: The G250 is easily installed and remotely configured by a central support staff, allowing the enterprise to get branch offices operational quickly and cost-effectively.

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