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Business Activity Management Services

In today’s converged network space, we at Streem Link Communications understand our customer’s needs in support and management of their networks.

Streem Link Communications is developing a full suite of services for our customers known as B.A.M. (Business Activity Management), featuring monitoring and notification capabilities that help our customers take ownership of their networks.

Our first successful collaboration with The Bluenote Group produced TelAgent, a highly successful telecom solution. B.A.M. Services now features TelAgent Monitoring and Notification Services as it’s first activity management solution.

As a reseller of Telagent services in our BAM product suite, Streem Link Communications can offer our clients multiple resources to help our customers efficiently manage their critical networks.

Designed for Telephony and Network Managers
Business Activity Management, or B.A.M., is intended as a phase to describe products and services related to device management and workflow.

Keeping this in mind, TelAgent Monitoring and Notification Services has been designed with special features ranging from small and growing companies with mobile employees, to large organizations that have their own Telephony management and maintenance departments.

Although most large organizations prefer to outsource telephony maintenance, the TelAgent service is available to such organizations seeking a proactive management solution to their telephony maintenance programs.

Streem Link is currently working on exciting new BAM products. Feel free to inquire about TelAgent and B.A.M. services with your Streem Link Communications service representative.

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