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ContactCenter Solutions

Consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations across all epartments requires a thoughtful intelligent communications strategy that connects contact center applications with other business applications allowing customer care decisions to be driven by detailed knowledge about each customer.

Avaya and Empire Technologies provide cost-effective, easy to implement contact center solutions that can achieve this goal for your business:

Distributed IP Contact Center

Businesses with multi-site contact centers can dramatically reduce costs and improve responsiveness to marketplace needs using IP telephony. Today’s business realities drive a new multi-site contact center model that is flat, consolidated, and global in nature.

Efficient Proactive Contact Management

Proactive Contact Management expands the role of contact centers, adding campaign management and worker productivity tools that enable more transactions per hour, more effective customer interactions, and greater operational efficiency across the entire enterprise.

Operational Effectiveness

Operational Effectiveness solutions offer comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities including real-time and historical contact center reporting, quality monitoring, and workforce management that allow faster decision making so business processes and returns can be optimized.

Self Service

Avaya Self Service solutions offer businesses the ability to realize a rapid return on investment from deployment of integrated speech applications that deliver a superior customer experience.

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