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System Monitoring

Streem Link utilizes the unique monitoring technology of TelAgent to monitor and manage client’s networks and systems. Through an easy to use and secure web-portal, TelAgent enables you to easily and effectively Mind Your Own Business!

The Monitoring and management of your voice and data systems can now be brought in house, reducing the overall cost of your telecommunications maintenance and support. In addition, TelAgent empowers companies of all sizes to be automatically alerted to system problems, and provides the tools necessary to rapidly diagnose and improve overall voice and data network service levels

TelAgent is a strategic business solution designed to comprehensively monitor data systems and devices as well as network, environmental and telecommunications devices. TelAgent’s comprehensive system monitoring and notification facilities empower organizations to:

 Cost effectively control and monitor your entire voice and data operation.
 Ensure uninterrupted operation of your entire voice and data infrastructure to deliver the necessary availability and reliability to the corporation and its customers.
 Reduce complexity and costs of supporting and maintaining diverse servers, voice systems, network devices, applications, and environmental sensors and devices.
 Provide a common management look and feel across the entire voice and data environment.
 Proactively identify & resolve fault conditions before users report them and service is negatively impacted or interrupted.
 Increase security and ensure business policies through a common management approach and method across all data and telecommunications devices.
 Reduce dependencies on platform specific management tools, and the associated licensing and training expenses.
 Know the status of your systems: Through pagers, email, text to cell phones, wireless handheld’s, PDA’s, Blackberries, and any other devices capable of receiving electronic mail.
 Precise Reporting of your voice and data operation. Whether you want an enterprise view of system events, or a detailed view of maintenance activities, our report suite can deliver.
 Significantly lower maintenance expenses, and increase overall voice and data service levels to meet service level agreements and requirements. Apply human and voice and data resources more efficiently and effectively to deliver maximum ROI to the corporate bottom line.

TelAgent expertly monitors data systems and devices, automatically alerts personnel to problems and exceptions, and enables authorized users to easily access and control systems (both on and off the network) from any local or remote location. Through TelAgent, server and network device exceptions and potential problems are resolved more rapidly and overall business voice and data availability increases dramatically, allowing your existing staff to better manage your growing voice and data environment.

For additional information on TelAgent or to schedule a FREE 30 Day Trial, please contact Streem Link Account Manager today at 1-888-873-8879 or by contact us.

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