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Streem Link Cloud Hosted PBX. Virtual PBX.

VoIP Phone Systems to Power Your Business

Powered by Switchvox, the world’s leading open source telephony software.

Streem Link Cloud (powered by switchvox) offers pricing plans for every company and every budget – starting as low as $29.99 per user! Streem Link Cloud allows companies to take advantage of OpEx for their entire communications solution. Not only is there no need for capital outlay for the hosted phone service, but your desk phones can also be included with zero cash up front.



Flexibility for unpredictable call volume



Unlimited Canada & U.S. Calling



Unlimited Canada & U.S. Calling


Includes Complimentary Phone Rentals**Free phone rental on 3 or 5 year contract.Free phone rental on 3 or 5 year contract.Free phone rental on 3 or 5 year contract.
Individual DID / Phone NumberIncluded!Included!Included!
Unlimited Incoming CallsIncluded!Included!Included!
Unlimited Local CallsIncluded!Included!Included!
Voicemail to your Email InboxIncluded!Included!Included!
Ring Group or Call QueueUp to 20 IncludedUp to 20 IncludedUp to 20 Included
Toll-Free Number IncludedIncluded!Included!Included!
Toll-Free UsageIncluded!Included!Included!
Conference BridgeIncluded!Included!Included!
iOS & Android Mobile AppIncluded!Included!Included!
Salesforce IntegrationIncluded!Included!Included!
Klipfolio IntegrationIncluded!Included!Included!
Slack IntegrationIncluded!Included!Included!
Social Caller IDIncluded!Included!Included!
Click to Dial with Google ChromeIncluded!Included!Included!
Click to Dial with Office 365Included!Included!Included!
Unlimited, Fully Bilingual, Canadian Based SupportIncluded!Included!Included!
Sonar User & Administration PortalIncluded!Included!Included!
Call LogsIncluded!Included!Included!
Call ReportingIncluded!Included!Included!
Call RecordingIncluded!Included!Included!
PC or Mac VoIP Phone Client$3.00 per month, per user$3.00 per month, per user$3.00 per month, per user
Custom Logo on PhonesIncluded!Included!Included!
Fax-to-Email$13.00 per month$13.00 per month$13.00 per month
Fax-Over-IP$29.00 per month$29.00 per month$29.00 per month
Local Number Port$60.00 per number$60.00 per number$60.00 per number
Additional DIDs / Phone Numbers$5.00 per number$5.00 per number$5.00 per number
iOS & Android Mobile AppIncluded!Included!Included!
Salesforce IntegrationIncluded!Included!Included!
Unlimited, Fully Bilingual, Canadian Based SupportIncluded!Included!Included!


With Streem Link Cloud (powered by switchvox), you have the ability to use Digium D-Series IP phones. Engineered and designed to work with Switchvox, Digium D-Series IP phones give you robust features like status, call queue, visual voicemail apps, and visual parking lots.  You can purchase the phones outright, or choose to take advantage of the Digium IP Phone Rental Program. The phone rental program lets you bundle the cost of the phones with your monthly Streem Link Cloud bill and fully eliminate the upfront hardware costs associated with the implementation of your hosted PBX.

D60 IP Phone

A mid-level HD phone with a 4.3 inch color display, 2-line keys, and dual 10/100 Mbps network ports. The D60 is ideal for any user who wants a color display, but doesn’t require gigabit networking.

D65 IP Phone

An executive-level, feature-rich, HD phone with a 4.3 inch color display, 6-line keys with 10 pages of 6 rapid dial/busy lamp field (BLF) keys, and dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit network ports. This model is ideal for executives and users who want a color display, top-of-the-line features, and require gigabit networking.

All Features Included for Every User


See who is in the office, and know who is on a call or away from their desk. Call rules update automatically based on an employee’s presence.



Improve employee communication with integrated chat. Communicate as your workflow demands – without using unsecured public chat servers for corporate communications.


Drag-and-drop calls, chat, update your CRM system, and more, all with the unique capabilities of the Switchboard web-interface.


Call Queues (Automated Call Distribution)

Not just for the call center, Switchvox and Digium phones bring powerful call queuing functionality to even the smallest business that needs to efficiently handle inbound calls.

Mobility (Automated Call Distribution)

Receive, transfer and record calls from any phone and any location with the Switchvox Mobile Softphone.

Reporting and Call Logging

See details about all calls in your system. Custom, statistical reports can be scheduled and emailed to you automatically.

Salesforce Integration

Switchvox is integrated with Your sales and service organization will have customer information right at their fingertips when they get a phone call.

Recording and Monitoring

Great for training and auditing calls, managers can easily monitor, whisper, barge and record calls from the Switchboard. You can also record calls directly from your Digium phone.

Try Streem Link Cloud Risk Free

Want to check out Streem Link Cloud before you buy?  Take advantage of Digium’s limited time offer, 30-Day Risk Free Trial.  In the trial, you receive the following free for 30 days:

  • 5 Streem Link Cloud User Extensions
  • Streem Link Cloud Mobile and Up to 5 Digium D60 IP Phones
  • Free Phone Numbers for Testing

If you like the service, we’ll configure for your company size and you’ll be on your way!  Decide you need to think about it, just return the phones to us and you won’t be charged a dime!

Save money with Hosted PBX

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