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Watch Overviews and Demos on How to Use Streem Link Switchvox Business Phone System

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Why Choose Sreem Link?

Choosing a phone system can be complicated. When you need to make the right call, Streem Link has the answer.

Your Business on Your Time

Missed business calls are inconvenient and can result in dissatisfied customers or lost revenue. With the Digium Switchvox phone system, you will never miss a call, no matter where you are!

IP Phones for Switchvox

Business phones are an integral part of any communications solution. Digium IP phones for Switchvox offer an unmatched feature set at a budget-friendly price.

Reception the Right Way

Choosing between a friendly, approachable, live receptionist or an automated Interactive Voice Response system to answer your business calls can be a difficult decision. With Streem Link Switchvox phone system, your company can deliver a consistent, professional impression with either option.

Switchvox Softphone Highlights

The Softphone Everyone’s Talking About! Never miss a call, even when you are away from your desk.

The Value of Voicemail

Your business voicemail should be convenient, not cumbersome. Special access codes, dial-in numbers and confusing prompts belong in the past. With voicemail features from Switchvox, you’re in full control of your voicemail.

Why Choose Digium?

Choosing a phone system can be complicated. When you need to make the right call, Digium has the answer.

Switchvox Click to Dial

It’s time to stop writing down phone numbers that you’ve found on the web. Break the cycle and use Switchvox Dial for Chrome and Firefox to dial phone numbers directly from your web browser. Switchvox makes it simple, too. Just highlight the number you’re looking to call, right click and tell Switchvox to dial. Switchvox does the rest.

Switchvox for Outlook

Calling an Outlook Contact shouldn’t be a hassle. So why is it that most office phone systems require you to look up the contact information and then manually enter it into your desk phone? It might not be an arduous task, but when repeated multiple times per day, it can be time-consuming. With Switchvox for Outlook, easily dial a contact’s phone number from within Outlook.

Switchvox for Salesforce

Switchvox works within Salesforce, one of the world’s most widely-used CRM applications, to handle common tasks for you so you can focus on your customer. Features of the plugin include: displaying matching records during incoming calls, dialing a record’s phone number from within Salesforce, logging calls directly into Salesforce and more.

End-to-end connectivity with Digium products.

Developed and deployed by Digium, SIP Trunking gives your company the ability to offer an end-to-end solution under one support umbrella.  From the dollar savings of SIP trunks, to the powerful UC benefits of Switchvox, to the high quality and feature-rich Digium IP Phones, Digium provides the total communications solution for your organization.

Save money with Hosted PBX

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