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Telephone System
To compete in today’s cutthroat marketplace, businesses must find new ways to improve customer experiences and internal efficiencies. Simply installing the latest high-tech gadgets can be a temporary fix, but that can be costly and, in the end, not ready to address your overall needs. On the other hand, our approach is to combine expertise and technology and wrap them snugly around your strategic business goals – so all your technology is working towards your success.
Here are some of the services Streem Link offers our clients:

 Carrier Services
 Streem Link Maintenance
 Avaya Maintenance
 Network Assessment (VOIP & Legacy)
 B.A.M Suite of Services
 System Monitoring
 Cabling & Installation
 Leasing & Financing
 Refurbished Equipments
 Buy Back

Additional Services:
 Block of Hours
 Security Auditing
 Streem Link One-Bill
 Traffic Studies
 Return on Investment
 Project Management
 Professional Services
 CallCenter Design and Implementation
 Messaging Design and Implementation
 Conferencing Design and Implementation
 End User Education and Training
 Global Infrastructure Design and Implementation
 System Design and Implementation
 Asset Management

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